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This is the online guide to gay men and women. Gay Men Guide,.co.uk offers the latest gay news, gay advice to adults and youths, list of other gay organizations, a little history about gay people, statistics relating to gay people, a glossary explaining terms that hetrosexuals may not understand and links to other gay websites.

The advice we offer to gay people are legal, marriage, safe sex, youth and general social issues concerning gay people.

The team at Gay Men Guide feels this website is easy to use and is dedicated in providing bringing 100% reliable un-biased information in regards to the topic of Gay people and their issues.

Below is 4 statements offering views of people who have visited Gay Men Guide.

"I always thought Gay people were kind of closet people with no life who were only interested in feminine issues and having sex with each other. Till I found Gay Men Guide.co.uk and it has really helped me understand that they aren't closet people, they are as real as me and you and have the same same issues as hetrosexual people."

Paul, Cheshire

"As a homosexual male myself I found Gay Men Guide very interesting and dealt with some very real issues without any over exagerrating or biased views. We need more websites like this to become available as we need to teach ignorant people what we are all about."

Elliot, Kent

"Me and my partner has been frustrated in the past as there were no real website only interested in giving us reliable information without any commercial gimmicks only interested in making money. Till we came across this site. It does not try and sell us anything and is full of reliable information we think. Dealing with our gay lifestyle can be very stressful due to existing laws and this site has been a god send."

Edward, Gloucestershire

"In the work I used to get funny looks and gestures because I am Gay and been openly gay for sometime, I never tried it on with any of the guys who work there but I was still getting mocked and a kind of subtle bullying. Gay Men Guide helped me realise that I am not a victim but a human being and I am entitled to basic human rights. I used the advice on Gay Men Guide.co.uk to threaten legal action if this harrasment would not stop. Luckily it worked and gained some respect and friends out of it. I met my current partner at this workplace and are still together at this present moment in time."

Alan, Hampshire